Talks about Rust Web Development

Here is a list of talks I gave about the topic.

[2021] Rust Vancouver - Your Rust web development tool set

I gave a talk at the Rust Vancouver MeetUp about the tools and crates involved in creating a Rust web service. We looked behind the scenes of an async runtime, why it's needed and how a running example web service looks like.
The slides are here.

[2021] Rust Oslo - The progression of a Rust web service

I gave a talk at the Rust Oslo MeetUp about how to start, maintain and develop a Rust web service. The tools envolved and the mindset needed to create solid Rust web services.
The slides are here.

[2021] Rust&Tell - One tutorial to rule them all

I gave a talk at the Rust&Tell MeetUp about a tutorial I created to learn Rust in a web development context. The code can be found here.

[2021] Amsource - Rust Web Development Q&A

A webinar for Amsource about Rust, how it can improve your own career, the impact in your team and why Rust is a great choice overall. I presented my new book, the language and use cases in the first half, and then answered questions in the second half.

[2021] CodeControl - Why you want to choose Rust for Web Development

I gave a talk for CodeControls "Virtual Lunch & Learn" where I talk about why you want to choose Rust, and why developing web services in Rust can be a good choice. The video is below. [Slides]

[2019] CoderSociety - Why Learn Rust or a New Programming Language(2019)

I talked with CoderSociety about why learning Rust is a good choice for ones career, even if you don't use it every day.