Interviews about Rust Web Development

Here is a list of interviews I gave about the topic.

[2021] Day0 - Rust in the Web?

Day0 is a InfoSec focussed platform/podcast and I talked about if Rust is a good choice for web development, how it might compare to other languages and if Rust has a place in the InfoSec world.

[2021] Flying High with Flutter - Flutter backend using Rust

I talked with Allen about why I personally chose Rust for my future backend projects, and why someone considering a backend for their (web) frontend might do so as well. We cover tips for beginners, what makes Rust so special and how to get started.

[2021] Rustacean station - Rust Web Development with Bastian Gruber

The episode is about the book, the state of Web Development in Rust and how to gain more project exposure to Rust.